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​For more than 10 years, the Law Office of Jennifer R. Jorge, P.A. has been assisting homeowners to acquire and remain in their homes. We consider ourselves HOMEOWNER ADVOCATES. The firm was created with a simple blueprint of providing superior client services and legal counseling. If you are one of many consumers who need assistance with Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Loan Modification, or Real Estate Law, help is just a phone call away. 

Knowledge is power!! If you are equipped with the knowledge and the information and process regarding bankruptcy, foreclosure, loan modification or real estate law, you can make an informed decision and feel empowered. For example, did you know that in almost every foreclosure case, there are legal problems with the banks filing or the foreclosure? The bank needs to prove their case against you. Make sure you hold them to that burden. Did you know that you can save your home in bankruptcy or buy an investment property for its value? Bankruptcy offers many solutions for the consumer to regain financial freedom. 

​There is no reason why you should not be able to live in your home even though you are behind in your payments or worse, facing foreclosure. You have legal rights and you should use them to protect your home and your family.

You may be asking, "how can I afford an attorney when I cannot afford my mortgage?" At the Law Office of Jennifer R. Jorge, we are compassionate towards your situation and that is why we offer flexible payments that consist of either low monthly or a flat fee retainer fee. Our goal is to begin defending your rights and keep you in your home throughout the process. In addition, we will work to negotiate with the bank to modify your loan by either fighting for a reduction in principle, interest, or both. All of these services are included in our retainer fee, and in most cases significantly less than your mortgage payment.



Jennifer R. Jorge, P.A.